PassPlus Sceme for Car Drivers 

The PassPlus scheme enables new drivers to aquire further skills to enable them to become better drivers.

Research shows that new drivers are more vulnerable to having an accident. Particularly within the first year of passing their test. Often due to lack of driving experience.



PassPlus Aims

To build on skill and knowledge already gained.



PassPlus Objectives

To teach anticipation, planning and how to deal with a variety of road situations including bad weather driving, rural driving e.g. lanes and bends and develop confidence to drive at speed including motorway driving. 



How Much Does PassPlus Cost?

We charge the normal hourly rate. To conduct passplus to a high standard, it will take a minimum of six hours.



Who Qualifies for PassPlus?

Anyone can do passplus at any age. However, it is aimed at new young drivers within the first year of passing their test. 



How Passplus is Conducted 

PassPlus consists of six modules, all of which must be completed. They are:

1. Town driving.

2. All weather driving.

3. Rural roads.

4. Night driving

5. Driving on dual carriageways

6. Driving on motorways.

When you start passplus, you will be given a copy of the passplus pupils guide. This will give you information on all aspects of the course.

Passplus will take at least six hours. It could be longer if further training is needed. Most of our clients complete it in seven hours of training.

There is no test to take. It is conducted as moduler assessments. 



Recording Progress

As each module is completed, your instructor will sign and date your training report form.

You must reach a satisfactory standard in all modules.



After Completing PassPlus

When you have completed all passplus training, you will be sent a Passplus certificate.This can enable you to obtain an insurance discount.