Bob Thorpe can offer a comprehensive training package for those who wish to take the PCV D1 Driving Test to drive minibuses


This training can be provided on either a 1:1 or 2:1 basis.Completing this training and passing the test enables drivers who passed their car test after January 1997 to drive a minibus with over 8 passenger seats. Drivers who passed their car test before January 1997 should take this test in order to get their D1 entitlement 'unrestricted'. I.e. you can then drive a minibus with over 8 passenger seats for hire and reward.

Practical training is typically over 4-5 days including the D1 test.


D1 Licence Procedure


1. Contact your GP to arrange a PCV medical.

2. Apply to DVLA to get D1 provisional entitlement added to your licence.

    visit OR phone 0870 240 0009

3. Contact us for advice/training for your theory test.

4. Book your practical test and contact us for your practical training.

    Test bookings:

Please contact us for further information and prices for this course.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not supply our own minibus. We can offer help to obtain one.