We now have our new Ford Fiesta 1.5dci tuition vehicle for your training needs. Benefits include:

>Modern,dual controlled vehicle. 

>Comfortable car to drive.

>Easy to use controls.

>Good size car,easy to reverse! 

We believe our tuition car is ideal for your driver training needs.



                    Independent Driving Explained

For up to 10 minutes of your test, you will have to drive independently by either:

> Following traffic signs

> Following directions

> Both the above combined. 

To help you when following verbal directions, your examiner will show you a diagram.

It will not matter if you go 'off course', as long as you do not commit a driving fault. Make your own decisions. Ask when it is and conveniant safe to do so. 

If you go 'off course', the examiner will help you get back on it. Then you  continue your independent driving. 

Your examiner will direct you in the event of poor or hidden signs. You do not have to know the area in detail. 

You can not use sat nav. Independent driving is about you making your decisio