The DSA Driving Assessment For Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles

This page gives you the information you need to know regarding the driving assessment for taxi and private hire vehicles.


Our experience shows that a minimum of 4 hours training is needed to achieve a pass. Contact us for professional taxi test training at a competitive rate!


Note: The standard of the taxi/private hire driving assessment is at a level to suit a full licence holder. Therefore, it requires a higher standard of driving than the learner test.

What the assessment involves

The eyesight test.

At the start, in good daylight, you will be asked to read a vehicle number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres. (20 metres for a new-style number plate). You can use glasses/contact lenses if you wear them. If you have an 01 code on your driving licence you must wear glasses or contact lenses when driving.


The practical test.

This should last approx. 40 minutes. Some aspects you will be assessed on are things that apply to taxi drivers. For example, a taxi manoeuvre. Eg a u-turn. Stopping at positions that won't cause danger when passengers alight is another.


Independent driving will also be assessed. This is where you will be asked to follow a set of and/or a combination of signs.(For independent driving info, click on our news tab).


During the practical assessment, you will be examined on :

* Awareness and planning.

* Correct use of speed.

* An emergency stop.

* A reverse manoeuvre.

* A taxi/private hire related exercise.

* Your passenger safety and comfort.


At the end of the driving element, you will be asked some questions on the Highway Code and 'cabology' matters. For example, vehicle dimensions, tyre pressures and procedures if a passenger leaves something behind.


The wheelchair exercise

This will only apply if you take the enhanced assessment.


For further information you should consult your private hire/hackney carriage booklet from your local council.