Theory & practice

Pass Plus

Statistics prove that the risk of having an accident is highest during the first year of driving after passing the driving test. This is why the Government launched the Pass Plus programme. Backed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and major motor insurance companies, it is designed to help new drivers gain more experience and become better equipped for the demands of modern driving..

The PASS PLUS course is a minimum six-hour practical module, which will include motorway, bad weather driving, night driving, urban and rural driving. There is no test involved. As each module is completed, the instructor completes the training sheet.


Currently, there is no theory workshop to attend in the Hastings area. This may change in the future. Further updates will appear here.



It has become common knowledge that many insurers are no longer giving generous discounts for completion of PassPlus.

But your accident risk can be decreased as a consequence of completing PassPlus.Therefore, you can gain in the longer term. 


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